Friendship day Sayings and Wishes

Your friend is not just a person with friendly nature or the one with whom you share your secrets rather a friend is no less than a sibling who is your soulmate and your buddy forever. With the coming of friendship day comes a rite of exchange of bands and other stuff to mark your friendship but what is most important is making your friend feel how special he is to you and hence here we have a small list of messages for your bestie.Get The best birthday wishes for friends.



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  1. A beautiful saying goes like ‘A good friend will help you move.

But best friend will help you move a dead body and you my best friend is this one. Happy friendships day bestie!

  1. Hey bestie, happy friendships day! Having a friend like you is like having the privilege of a beautiful soul around. You are not just my friend but a part of my life and being with you is like having a family member around.
  2. Dear friend every moment and memory we share is just so eternal and lovable and with all those memories around I feel blessed and beautiful that I have a friend like you who is so loving and caring.
  3. At times I miss to say hi or reply back to your message or at times I even forget to talk to you but that doesn’t mean that I don’t love you or you are not my friend rather you are the most beautiful person of my life who is not my friend but is like my soulmate. Happy friendships day.
  4. So today is friendships day. But for me and for you I believe it is not just the day of celebration rather everyday we meet, eat and talk becomes a friendship day for both of us and just like every other day friendie I will always continues to be your bestie and buddy for life.
  5. Some one wise once said ‘a good friend is like a computer’ and so do I believe that you have entered my life and have been saved for ever and ever and ever. Happy friendship day.
  6. I know it’s a bit weird to wish your mum a happy friendships day but the fact never dies and you my mum is my best friend and all your love and sacrifices for me can never be replaced ever. Thanks a ton for whatever you have been till now.
  7. Hey bestie, happy friendships day. So another day of celebration but not truly because we are like hipsters and all we need is just a moment of love for celebration. May this and every other day help us in making our friendship everlasting.
  8. May this friendship day prove to be the best day of our lives and may this turn the friendship bond much more stronger.
  9. With exchange of threads and beautiful surprises, with party poppers and friendly hues comes the beautiful occasion of friendships day and here I am wishing my beloved friend a hearty and an amazing friendship full of love and care.

Halloween Sayings

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  1. Scare up some fun Halloween this year and get ready to grab those tricks and treats dressed within our eerie costumes and those spooky sounds. Indulge in the shivers, scares, thrills and the deadliest activities of all. With Halloween coming and when you are here it’s time for an ultimate fun and frolic day. Here’s wishing all a happy Halloween filled with good old fashioned spook masters and witches.


  1. Pumpkin smashing, tricking and treating, spooky fun, eerie days and vampire stories. Ummm…. Wait it’s Halloween and it’s time for some haunting and blood. Wishing my family a merry Halloween and looking forward to enjoy the whole new season of Halloween and its pranks and some cravings and carvings as well. Wishing all a hauntingly and a spookily great Halloween.


  1. It’s Halloween and its time to get into ghostly and haunting activities! Ghoul times, coffin breaks, tricking- treating and spooktacular days full of fun and demons. So while we halo- scream wishing every witch and demon a happy birthday we out to get into the scariest activities and of course the scariest dressing. Ghostly greetings and a frightful spooky Halloween to my. Amazing Funny Sayings and Greetings.

Birthdays are special days and with arising birthdays comes surprises, gifts and parties and for wishing birthdays to your near and dear ones it’s important to wish and greet them. So here we present a small list of poems to wish your near ones lyrically. here are the Best Birthday Wishes For 2016

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  1. There is always a day when you feel good

And you get a reason to better your mood

It is obviously your birthday

When you landed on the earth

Making everybody gay

by taking a birth.

Not to worry or feel sad

That is not the day meant to go bad.

Cut a cute cake

Receive many blessings and wishes

With a smile unfake

Along with tasty dishes

So I wish you a happy birthday

Which may prove to be cheery!


  1. A day you’ve awaited for long

Has come far away for you

So let us celebrate and sing a song

For the day only meant for you.

Ever since you were born

I’ve gifted you many presents

But this birthday I must cherish you with a precious gem

Its my love which you must not resent

That this year I have nothing to gift you

My love has stayed with you all these years

But this time I’ve a mere poem of wishes and tears

That I could have conveyed you verbally

But do not have guts my sweety

For I’ve never wrote you so long and wide

That must stay at your side

I know we’ve had many a strife

But remember I’ll be always there for you in life

Sorry darling should have said it

But due to some distance in life still regret it

Have a happy birthday

And still have a lot to say………….


  1. It is never too late to wish you my sweetheart

But I’m gonna text you this evening when your party will start

Have a delightful day and dance

For you’ll never get such a chance.

Do not give a damn to anybody

And do not even try to study

This hamper doesn’t only includes chocolates and cakes

But has loads of love that you can’t even think what it takes

To buy you gift except chocolates and honey flakes.

Have a rocking night and treat yourself well

Because you should have tomorrow lots to tell.

Wishing you a very happy birthday bestie

And may you drink tons of nestea :D…


  1. It is always said that what our mouth can’t do

A pen and paper can do

So I choose to write you rather than expressing my happiness

On your birthday, my mistress.

Though I’ll be with you the whole day

But still feel to send you some goodies

of chocolates, cakes and cookies.

I couldn’t find something better than this

And gift you love and a cute kiss.

Never feel solitary and sad

I’ll always be there for you being your lad

It is the most awesome venture of my life

To celebrate your special day with you, my wife

It’s a day when you grow old and our bond misses out 1 year

Your birthday is very special so I’m gonna cheer you my dear.

I wish you a very happy birthday and life ahead

And remain gorgeous, pretty and gay.



With your better life you experience the essence of love and feelings, with your better half you are full and that you are you. With love growing it enables you to not only love your near and dear ones but also the whole world. With them you feel the calm and peaceful ambience around and feel like enjoying the world and its offerings. So while love is so important for you its good to express it at times and tell the person how much you love him or her. So we have got the following quotes for you to express your love. Get The Best Romantic Wishes And Quotes here.

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  1. The deeper you dig me you will find yourself because love you are the only gemstone of my life like the brightest shining star ever.
  2. I look at you and then my life ahead, I be with you and I feel the love, I talk to you and listen the musical notes of love and when I am with you I feel that I am fully me without a trenched hue.
  3. When the world quotes nobody is perfect I look deep down into my heart and see you are peeping from that corner saying I am there for you and then I feel I need no perfect guy but you, the person who have got ample Of love and care for me, the person who is no perfect humanly figure but is an imperfect soul with all his love poured over for me.
  4. I swear I couldn’t love you more than I do right now because my love for you is endless and you my love will always remain to be my diary of truth and emotions.
  5. I chose you and I will further choose you over and over because even for a second I think of losing you I feel a miserable cut inside of loosing my own self and hence even if the darkest of light appears to cover me and you I’ll always be there for you.
  6. All of me loves all of you. With you I feel like handling the clock and turning back the old days and the time. It’s because of you that I am alive and it’s because of you that I will always shine.
  7. I want you and just you, the way you are and have always been, your flaws, your mistakes, your love and you. I want to acquire you and only you my love.
  8. Because I watched you for a single second I felt a thousands vibes and because those thousand vibes were all lovely things I chose you to love me. Love you my beauty.
  9. When I say of loving you more, that doesn’t count for me loving you more than you could or me loving you better and much more than every passed day rather I mean me loving you leaving all the difficulties and all the obstacles in life.
  10. My love for you is endless and that is the only evidence I can ever give you of my soulful love.

Your father is like everything for you. Your superhero, your Santa and even at times the guest to you silly and kiddy birthday parties. With the greatest heart he roams around you like a deep shadow blessing you and whatever he wish for is nothing but your good. He may at times be a bit rude but after all he is the bread man and that’s surely not possessiveness rather is some extra care. So for this great man nothing is better than wishing him father’s day with the following quotes.

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  1. The essence of true love is in the laps of a mother and the essence of true friendship and care is in the hands of father. Happy father’s day.
  2. Anyone can be a man but it takes courage, wisdom and a beautiful heart to be a father.
  3. Rightly said ‘A son’s first hero and a daughter’s first love is a dad’, with all the maturity and love a man grabs all the emotions to become a father, a father not of material but of immense love. Happy father’s day.
  4. You may not have the flowing cape, the glowing skin or that sharpie undie but you are the only hero of my life who is no less than a superhero or may be Brad Pitt. Happy father’s day daddy.
  5. It’s only when you leave him with your first step alone or leave him for your own benefit- it’s the only moment when you get to realize his greatness and care.
  6. What we become in our future is entirely dependent on what we inherit from our parents but whatever teaching we learn in our life are only form great dad’s who make our lives much simpler.
  7. Every time I see myself moving I see a shadow besides moving along, guiding me and inspiring me in this cruel world, it gives me hope and courage to face the deadly challenges the world offers you and every time I peep into the shadow I see my father moving along.
  8. My father my only hero is what you hear several times but my father the only good being is what you experience less and this is what you experience once he raises that soulful hand to bless his kids and offer them all his wishes.
  9. With all the bad men there stands a tall man with grey hair and lousy pants, he may be no superhero with the costume around but is surely a man full of love, care and protection and will always be there for you until he sweeps his last breath.
  10. A son, a father, a friend, a husband, a brother and a human is what your live hero is made of . with such great roles to be played the best comes out to be that of a father. A father with a heart for all affections just like there’s space for every star in the beautiful sky. Here is a coupon for the best baking classes for you enjoy.