Birthdays are special days and with arising birthdays comes surprises, gifts and parties and for wishing birthdays to your near and dear ones it’s important to wish and greet them. So here we present a small list of poems to wish your near ones lyrically. here are the Best Birthday Wishes For 2016

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  1. There is always a day when you feel good

And you get a reason to better your mood

It is obviously your birthday

When you landed on the earth

Making everybody gay

by taking a birth.

Not to worry or feel sad

That is not the day meant to go bad.

Cut a cute cake

Receive many blessings and wishes

With a smile unfake

Along with tasty dishes

So I wish you a happy birthday

Which may prove to be cheery!


  1. A day you’ve awaited for long

Has come far away for you

So let us celebrate and sing a song

For the day only meant for you.

Ever since you were born

I’ve gifted you many presents

But this birthday I must cherish you with a precious gem

Its my love which you must not resent

That this year I have nothing to gift you

My love has stayed with you all these years

But this time I’ve a mere poem of wishes and tears

That I could have conveyed you verbally

But do not have guts my sweety

For I’ve never wrote you so long and wide

That must stay at your side

I know we’ve had many a strife

But remember I’ll be always there for you in life

Sorry darling should have said it

But due to some distance in life still regret it

Have a happy birthday

And still have a lot to say………….


  1. It is never too late to wish you my sweetheart

But I’m gonna text you this evening when your party will start

Have a delightful day and dance

For you’ll never get such a chance.

Do not give a damn to anybody

And do not even try to study

This hamper doesn’t only includes chocolates and cakes

But has loads of love that you can’t even think what it takes

To buy you gift except chocolates and honey flakes.

Have a rocking night and treat yourself well

Because you should have tomorrow lots to tell.

Wishing you a very happy birthday bestie

And may you drink tons of nestea :D…


  1. It is always said that what our mouth can’t do

A pen and paper can do

So I choose to write you rather than expressing my happiness

On your birthday, my mistress.

Though I’ll be with you the whole day

But still feel to send you some goodies

of chocolates, cakes and cookies.

I couldn’t find something better than this

And gift you love and a cute kiss.

Never feel solitary and sad

I’ll always be there for you being your lad

It is the most awesome venture of my life

To celebrate your special day with you, my wife

It’s a day when you grow old and our bond misses out 1 year

Your birthday is very special so I’m gonna cheer you my dear.

I wish you a very happy birthday and life ahead

And remain gorgeous, pretty and gay.