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With your better life you experience the essence of love and feelings, with your better half you are full and that you are you. With love growing it enables you to not only love your near and dear ones but also the whole world. With them you feel the calm and peaceful ambience around and feel like enjoying the world and its offerings. So while love is so important for you its good to express it at times and tell the person how much you love him or her. So we have got the following quotes for you to express your love. Get The Best Romantic Wishes And Quotes here.

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  1. The deeper you dig me you will find yourself because love you are the only gemstone of my life like the brightest shining star ever.
  2. I look at you and then my life ahead, I be with you and I feel the love, I talk to you and listen the musical notes of love and when I am with you I feel that I am fully me without a trenched hue.
  3. When the world quotes nobody is perfect I look deep down into my heart and see you are peeping from that corner saying I am there for you and then I feel I need no perfect guy but you, the person who have got ample Of love and care for me, the person who is no perfect humanly figure but is an imperfect soul with all his love poured over for me.
  4. I swear I couldn’t love you more than I do right now because my love for you is endless and you my love will always remain to be my diary of truth and emotions.
  5. I chose you and I will further choose you over and over because even for a second I think of losing you I feel a miserable cut inside of loosing my own self and hence even if the darkest of light appears to cover me and you I’ll always be there for you.
  6. All of me loves all of you. With you I feel like handling the clock and turning back the old days and the time. It’s because of you that I am alive and it’s because of you that I will always shine.
  7. I want you and just you, the way you are and have always been, your flaws, your mistakes, your love and you. I want to acquire you and only you my love.
  8. Because I watched you for a single second I felt a thousands vibes and because those thousand vibes were all lovely things I chose you to love me. Love you my beauty.
  9. When I say of loving you more, that doesn’t count for me loving you more than you could or me loving you better and much more than every passed day rather I mean me loving you leaving all the difficulties and all the obstacles in life.
  10. My love for you is endless and that is the only evidence I can ever give you of my soulful love.

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